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Global Indigenous Council


Please note the conference online booking system shows the ticket price in $USD and the system will do the conversion for you.
You can also register by mail (in $CAN)  -
downloadable form is available here.

NOTE:  In the final conference session, First Nations will have the opportunity to join the class action lawsuit against the Opioids producers devastating our communities. First Nations will not be charged a fee to join the lawsuit.

To begin the process of ensuring Opioids producers make reparations to our communities, First Nations only need an authorized signatory present.


Despite positive words from the government, the opioid crisis, like the MMIWG epidemic and other tragedies confronting First Nations, continues to escalate, to the degree that on some reserves an opioid overdose is reported approximately every two-hours in any given 48-hour cycle.

The Government of Canada is failing First Nations again and data shows that we are losing our youth and elders to opioids at an alarming rate.

Words are not enough, we must act.


We must wipe our tears and begin to heal. 


We must begin the process today! 



In their critical report, Evidence Synthesis - The Opioid Crisis in Canada, Lisa Belzak (MHSc) and Jessica Halverson (MPH, MSW) stated . . .

“As early as 2014, First Nations communities were raising the alarm about the number of opioid-related overdose deaths on reserves.”



  Wiping the Tears. Healing the Pain 

A conference to help you pursue your nation's pathway to empowerment, and to hold accountable those who are responsible for this vicious attack on our communities and cultures.

Conference sessions include:

  • Tom Rodgers of Carlyle Consulting - Welcome introduction: Opioids - Wiping the Tears, Healing the Pain​

  • Accounts from the frontlines of the opioids crisis - survivors & family members of victims provide insights into this real life tragedy

  • The opioids crisis in the context of historical trauma suffered by First Nations

  • The Economic Impact of the opioids crisis on First Nations

  • The Cultural Impact of the opioids crisis and methods of traditional healing

  • Avenues of Empowerment - Legal recourse and advice for First Nations to hold accountable those responsible for the opioids devastation in our communities

IMPORTANT: The conference will conclude with a session focusing upon the legal recourse and options for First Nations, which will be led by members of the legal team that has brought the flagship class action lawsuit against Big Pharma for tribes in the US.​